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At Northbrook, we seek to serve Christ for others' good and God's glory. The heart of any of our groups is to help each other further know Jesus and show the loving care that is his signature. We all need each other to run the race of faith well (Hebrews 12, Ephesians 4:1).


To learn more about any of our ministries below or be connected with a ministry leader, please contact our church office:


Immersion Groups

Our Immersion Group is an adult class that takes a deeper dive into the material covered during the Sunday morning sermon. It's also a sweet time for the group to pray for one another and stay up-to-date on each other's lives. Our Immersion Group meets at 11 a.m. on Sunday morning, concurrently with the Children and Teen Immersion Group.

Children's Ministry

We believe that it is an important gift and opportunity to teach children among us the ways of the Lord. We hope to model the love and care of our heavenly Father through our nursery program, available for children through two years of age during our Sunday morning service. Our Children's Immersion Group, tailored for elementary-age children, incorporates teaching, activities, and music to instill gospel truths into their growth.


Youth Group

Our teens are a vibrant part of our church body, and we value their unique perspective in a rising generation. During the Sunday Immersion Group hour, teens meet in their own class for a gospel-centered study and prayer. In addition, high schoolers can participate in a supplemental group – Fight Club –that features discussions of current cultural topics through the lens of faith. Our youth group also has several fun events throughout the school year. 


Through friendship, Bible study, and shared service, our women seek to point each other back to Jesus, no matter what season of life each of us finds ourselves in. Apart from specific Bible studies on books of the Bible, our Women's Ministry also hosts regular get togethers to stay connected (Think s'mores nights, fall crafting, teas, and more!).


Men's Ministry

Our Men's Ministry at Northbrook largely mirrors the larger culture of our church - people intent on pursuing God's word and supporting each other through intentional friendship and conversation. There is a regular, expositional Bible study open to those within and outside the church. Our men also stay connected through informal meals, coffees, and the like throughout the year.

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